Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Would Jesus Vote For?

Just out of curiosity...

How many people think Jesus would vote to shut down government services that many people rely upon in order to give away tax breaks to the wealthy.


I mean... The GOP, Republicans, Democrats, Elephants, Jackasses, Right Wing, Left Wing, Conservatives, Liberals, Anyone really... Even Atheists have heard of Jesus. And, the dude got one hell of a press kit going for him. What? 2000 years and he is still in the buzz. Almost... Yeah... hourly, or better yet, minute to minute. He always has someone somewhere singing his praise, right?

I only ask because a good majority of congress and the senate [lowercase naming intentional] proclaim to be God Fearing Christians, right? I mean... we haven't elected any admitted Satanists... have we? I'm sure there's a couple of Atheists and some Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists... etc., but no admitted Satanists. Near as I can figure, 85% of the senate and 86% of the congress are Christian.

Or are they? Because if you say you're a Christian and don't act it, are you really a christian? Or are you... yeah... Anti-Christian. Maybe there are some Satanists up there in Washington.

Do you think anyone who votes to favor the rich at the expense of the poor and the middle class is a good christian? How do the rich get more sympathy from John Andrew Boehner than say... *75% of the voting public? Because who do you think is using the airports, buses, trains, freeways, and roads every day to get back and forth to work? 50%? 

Wait! The poor don't go to work. Unless they make the federal minimum wage. Who is the poor? Well the 46 million people out of work might need some help... but pffft, thats only 9%, right? Screw them... 


You mean Jesus would not begrudge a family who's income is devoured by rent or mortgage a little assistance with some food? 

Yeah... but you can't tell me Jesus would want these same ne'er-do-well's to have health care right? Didn't Jesus banish lepers? Oh, no... wait... he washed their feet and cared for them. Damn. That's more math.


Well, uhm... the numbers don't really add up here. What if it was only 10 million people?

Right? We can blow them off. Besides, they're probably too hungry to vote. And, I hate math.

So really... 


{hmmm, maybe I should sell bumperstickers}

*[that's an ass number derived from reading that only 25% of household income in the US is over 80k.... so I figure 75% of us are not what anyone would consider 'rich'. Sure, it's more than past the middle in "middle class" but you don't want to get all socialist here. Obviously the poor choose to be poor. The middle choose to suck at the tit of their corporate overlords, and well hell! Corporate overlords need a buffer zone so they don't have to interact too much with the great unwashed masses. So, I guess that's what Congress and the Senate is for, right? I mean... they all make over $100k per annum.]  

  What do you think?

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  1. Maybe I just don't know what it means to be "Christian".

    With 85% of congress and the senate identifying themselves as "Christians"...

    Why is there even a debate? If these men and women purport themselves to be followers of Jesus then why are they not voting to teach 'men' [everyone] to fish [education]. And, why is there any question as to if we should help those less fortunate?

    Does anyone know where I am missing the mark?