Friday, July 29, 2011

John Boehner's Lost Opportunity To Lead

John Boneher's actions show the lack of strength that is inherent in his political acumen. Instead of finding a bipartisan plan that would appeal to both sides of the house, he chose to go along party lines and pander to the radical right.

Thinking he could force an embarrassment onto the President, he chose to rely only on the republican majority in the house of representatives. Eschewing bipartisanship has left him weaker than ever. Instead of relying on the 256 republicans in the house, he should have been pursuing the 178 democrats to get a deal. The 60 Tea Party members would then be irrelevant.

Think about it. If he could get 50% of both parties, he would still have a majority rule. Because it looks to me that 89 + 128 =  217! Huh, go figure.  So not only is Boneher a rich mans ideologue he apparently is not so good at math. I believe there are at least a majority of congressman who would vote for a balanced approach to this debt crisis.

John Boehner gambled on the American peoples future for an ideological farce. Because make no mistake about it. It is a farce to think that this debt crisis can be solved without a combination of taxes and spending cuts. It is inconceivable that all republicans want to see the elderly, poor and infirm suffering needlessly.

I can just imagine the strength of a political commercial that has a solemn person speaking into the camera and saying. "I could not stand by and let our country decimate the weakest amongst us. That is not what America stands for. Rugged individualism is one thing, but human decency means more. The economy is stronger now because of the votes we made. And the individuals with hopes and dreams can still succeed beyond their wildest dreams in America. We are a strong country that truly cares about all our citizens..." Ad infinitum.

And... it could even sound honest... of course that is if the politician was not a parasitic narcissist.

Who would not want to vote for a fiscally conservative humanist with an actual heart and soul?  I would... too bad Boneher is not cut from that cloth, or is too politically inept to see the value in the appearance of being such a politician. The polarization he has fostered in the house has proven that he is not a leader worthy of the position he now holds.

It is time to make sure he can not hold America hostage for the benefit of a minority of ultra conservative congressmen. 60 / 435 = 13.79% It's been a while... but 13, even 15% is not even close to a majority. And in America, Majority Rules.

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