Thursday, August 18, 2011

The goober in gubernatorial?

 Ha ha ha... Jim Hightower is the best!
At 06:29 he says Rick Perry puts the goober in gubernatorial. I almost spit coffee on my keyboard.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What is wrong with Rick Perry?

1.) Rick Perry's "new" apostolic church movement is more formally known as the 'New Apostolic Reformation' founded by Charles Peter Wagner (born 1930). As Mr. Wagner is still alive, and this reformation is considerably less then a century old, it is a considerably new movement.

And of course they look to bring about the rapture. Now, I am not a religious scholar. However, I am pretty sure revelations was predisposed to be occurring in an unknown time frame. Also, man can not bring it about. Man can not predict it. And, anyone saying otherwise, is a heretic.

So, perhaps it might be dangerous to have someone as "The Commander In Chief" who believes him and his can bring about the end of the world as a means to bring "The Rapture". These guys are willing to destroy us all in order to bring Jesus back.

That's scary.

2.) uhmmm... see # 1.) That shit is scary enough to preclude any other need to say what is wrong with Rick Perry.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Romney...

Corporations are not people, my friend. And on second thought, you sir are not my friend, nor are you a friend of the American people, sir.

My Friend? What a joke!
*Responding to Fehrnstrom, Jon Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller took a shot at Romney on Twitter, replying "Was American Pad & Paper Company a person/friend?" Romney's firm, Bain Capital, acquired American Pad & Paper in 1992 and closed two of its American plants, laying off 385 workers. It later went bankrupt.
*Quoted from:

I think it is better to not have Mitt Romney call you "a Friend".


*From "The Making of Mitt Romney,"
Boston Globe, June 26, 2007

In 1992, Bain Capital acquired American Pad & Paper, or Ampad, from Mead Corp., embarking on a ''roll-up strategy'' in which a firm buys up similar companies in the same industry in order to expand revenues and cut costs.
Through Ampad, Bain bought several other office supply makers, borrowing heavily each time. By 1999, Ampad's debt reached nearly $400 million, up from $11 million in 1993, according to government filings.
Sales grew, too - for a while. But by the late 1990s, foreign competition and increased buying power by superstores like Bain-funded Staples sliced Ampad's revenues.
The result: Ampad couldn't pay its debts and plunged into bankruptcy. Workers lost jobs and stockholders were left with worthless shares.
Bain Capital, however, made money - and lots of it. The firm put just $5 million into the deal, but realized big returns in short order. In 1995, several months after shuttering a plant in Indiana and firing roughly 200 workers, Bain Capital borrowed more money to have Ampad buy yet another company, and pay Bain and its investors more than $60 million - in addition to fees for arranging the deal.
Bain Capital took millions more out of Ampad by charging it $2 million a year in management fees, plus additional fees for each Ampad acquisition. In 1995 alone, Ampad paid Bain at least $7 million. The next year, when Ampad began selling shares on public stock exchanges, Bain Capital grabbed another $2 million fee for arranging the initial public offering - on top of the $45 million to $50 million Bain reaped by selling some of its shares.
Bain Capital didn't escape Ampad's eventual bankruptcy unscathed. It held about one-third of Ampad's shares, which became worthless. But while as many as 185 workers near Buffalo lost jobs in a 1999 plant closing, Bain Capital and its investors ultimately made more than $100 million on the deal.
*quoted from:

So one question comes to mind. Do corporations go to jail when they break the law? No, they are a liability shield for the actual people who create them. They are a legal entity, yes. But corporations are not people.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank You Wisconsin! And Thank You To All Progressive Women Everywhere!

@whttevrr tweets

Thank You Wisconsin! And thank you to all progressive women everywhere.  Oh... and can you help us out of this mess?

Because as I stand here slack jawed and staring at my TV, I am dumbfounded by the cruelty of the republican party and specifically; The "Tea Party Terrorists". The past years assault on women's rights, the elderly, our children... and the infirm? Really? Picking on the sick and tired among us? How cold can this country get?

Wisconsin... I never knew. So many thousands of people standing out in the bitter cold have been an inspiration. It gives me hope that a new page is turning in our history. We The People, certainly need a win. And how fitting would it be to see it come from our mothers, sisters, and grandmothers? Progressive women need to once again teach their children what it means to be nice. And, what it means to protect our future.

And would one of you kind yet ferocious women please shut Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh up? Please... I know, it is tangential to the Wisconsin fight, but my god, why do we need to hear his protestations, and fake concern for his children and grandchildren? We need the women to stand strong in Wisconsin and tell the Joe Walsh's of that state, in that uniquely feminine way: "How Dare You?" With just enough derision in your voice to let them know they have stepped over the line in their quest to root for those who have exalted the almighty dollar to the rarefied coffers of the ultra rich.

But mostly, no matter what happens, Thank You Wisconsin Women for teaching us once again what it means to be Human and how to fight peacefully for our future.

You're Awesome!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Republicans declared WAR on US!

The damage has been done... it was made to be seen as being done by the hands of the "Tea Party Terrorists". But the reality is, the "Tea Party Terrorists" were used by the Republicans to Declare WAR on U.S. working class families. The Republicans declared WAR on US!

Any one of one hundred Republicans could have stepped up at any moment and said: NO! But none of them did. They egged on their "Tea Party Terrorists" with devilish grins and back room high fives.

This episode of government dysfunctionality shines a glaring light on the Republicans party and their desire to make President Obama a one term president. The President of The United States is a black man and the "Tea Party Terrorists" and racist Republicans will do whatever they can to see to it that he does not succeed.
The only problem is, they brought checkers to a chess game. The old school Republicans are wincing now because they know they let the "Tea Party Terrorists" control this debate and it will blow up in their face. The Republicans will lose Congress.

Joe Walsh, the deadbeat dad, needs to be one of the first to go. The House will be easy. Two years. 2012. America will vote most of the "Tea Party Terrorists" out of office.

The Senate is more difficult because of the 6 year term and American Adult ADD short term memory. Luckily Kyl is not running again. He is the vile and despicable one. I can not believe a US Senator got on the Senate Floor and railed against Planned Parenthood while saying that 90% of what they do is abortion. Then, the chickenhawks office said: "That was not intended to be a Factual Statement". Then why say it? He said it to lie to the American People in the war on women and the working class that the Republicans have declared on US!

Vote The Bums Out!

Republicans Shut Down FAA to Break Unions

Google this "Republicans Shut Down FAA to Break Unions".

Ok, fine... I'll do it for you Republicans Shut Down FAA to Break Unions


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tea Party Terrorists

Too Bad the Tea Party Terrorists will be out in force to destroy the economy just to defeat a black democratic president. They would rather blow up the economy and destroy America, than allow our current president one iota of respect.

The Tea Party Terrorists are a blight on the American political landscape. It is really a shame that moderate and sane republicans do not have the courage nor inclination to stand up for the American People.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Now is the time to act :: The beginning of Debate.

While America sighs a breath of relief and slumbers peacefully, the reality will soon be revealed. The Tea Party Conservatives have just brought their checkers to a chess game. I know, your saying 'whttevrr, you're just mixing metaphors'. And I say 'Shut up and listen'.

The committee that is to be assembled will have the responsibility for the future of our country squarely on their backs. Also, they will not be constrained by the whims of the Speaker of The House. Because the proposals they make are fast tracked for a vote. No one can filibuster the recommendations. They don't need a quorum. They just get voted on. In other words: They will not have to kowtow to the extreme right. The Tea Party can be ignored. Completely. They can find common ground.

Think about it, no one can threaten to cut our baby in half. This is now a debate of common sense. And I know, common sense is not always so common, but in this particular situation: Common Sense Can Prevail.

One nice thing that is apparent is the fact that The Bush Tax Cuts will expire in 2013. And, this committee can retain the lower tax rates for lower income people by raising the Standard Deduction. Talking heads say the lower brackets will rise by 5%. We can raise that up just a little in a common sense approach.

Let's face it, no one is living 'high on the hog' while making minimum wage. $7.25 X 40 = $290.00, Now don't think for a minute that minimum wage earners are taking two week vacations so: $290.00 X 52 = $15,080.00. That, should be the new Standard Deduction. So no one making under $15,080.00 should pay any taxes what so ever. And if the number of people who are in this group are in a 50% range then so be it.

Because it is the right thing to do.

So, basically what we've got is the opportunity to remove the revenue sapping Bush tax cuts and raise the Standard deduction. Then we can attack Fraud, Pork, and Million Dollar Missiles. That last one is more metaphor than literal. But do we really need so many Million Dollar Cruise Missiles?

Also, a reasonable Social Security reform could start of with the removal of the contribution limit which is currently at $106,800.00. Look, I get it, no one wants to pay more in taxes. But some times we need to help our brethren, because it is the right thing to do. So yeah, the debate begins, but let's not lose sight of the goal.

A Stronger America, because it is the right thing to do.

What do you think?