Sunday, July 31, 2011

Protect Women :: Vote Democrat!

First, as an independent voter, I choose the lesser of two evils in most elections. However, the right wing fanatics have hijacked the Republican Party, and it is time to send moderate republicans a stark message: "You will lose your job if you attack women!"

Example: Planned Parenthood! I suggest you use your favorite search engine and place the following into the search box: Republicans attack Planned Parenthood.


You will have reading materials for days. Sort the results by date and go back 10 pages. There are pages upon pages of stories about how republicans were so upset that Planned Parenthood spends any money at all on abortion that they actually had a Senator lie on the Senate Floor. Search for Senator Kyl and amongst the first few results you will find this phrase: "Not Intended To Be Factual Statement".

That is in reference to Senator Kyl's statement that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. The reality? 3%. Do the math and you will immediately notice that 97% of what Planned Parenthood does is beneficial to all. There is Health Screening for potential medical problems, STD prevention, Pregnancy Prevention... I wish a couple women would post some of the reasons they have used Planned Parenthood for...

But who wants to admit health issues or sexual preventative medicine in this day an age? I mean it is only the 21st Century, right? Are we going to have to wait another 500 years before we can openly talk about women's health issues without pejorative labels being spewed?

The Republican Party today is not the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln. The only power we as people have is the vote. Please. You can vote Republican in the next election cycle if you choose, or this one as well [it is after all, your choice]. But at some point, we as citizens need to vote to protect what is right. And what the Republicans are doing right now, Is Not Right!

Please re post this somewhere, anywhere. Ridicule it or support it, it doesn't really matter. We as a nation need to actually open a dialogue and hopefully repudiate the Republican Assault on Women. From Representative Allen West to Senator Jon Kyl, we need to let them know that what they are doing will not be accepted! Vote them out of office if they do not get the message. Unfortunately, it seems as if all they listen to is their wallets.

Friday, July 29, 2011

218 - 210 Passage of The Boehner Boondoggle

So, apparently, we only need 8 republicans to vote in a reasonable manner to raise the debt limit, protect social security, and put forth a modest tax increase. Now that Boehner has  moved this piece of legislative dross to the Senate, hopefully they will erase every word but the bill number and put forward a balanced solution to this economic quagmire.

Please don't blink now Mr. President!

This is the moment that precipitates the solution. I envision that we could get 50-60 republicans to do the right thing for the American People. Could. But definitely we could find 8! 8 republicans. 8 members not willing to sell out the American people. Can we do that? I hope we can in the next 72 hours.

The best of this situation would be to see at least 300 votes for a balanced approach... but it would be good enough to just find 8 republican congress members to vote with their heart instead of their... I don't know... What are the republicans voting with?

John Boehner's Lost Opportunity To Lead

John Boneher's actions show the lack of strength that is inherent in his political acumen. Instead of finding a bipartisan plan that would appeal to both sides of the house, he chose to go along party lines and pander to the radical right.

Thinking he could force an embarrassment onto the President, he chose to rely only on the republican majority in the house of representatives. Eschewing bipartisanship has left him weaker than ever. Instead of relying on the 256 republicans in the house, he should have been pursuing the 178 democrats to get a deal. The 60 Tea Party members would then be irrelevant.

Think about it. If he could get 50% of both parties, he would still have a majority rule. Because it looks to me that 89 + 128 =  217! Huh, go figure.  So not only is Boneher a rich mans ideologue he apparently is not so good at math. I believe there are at least a majority of congressman who would vote for a balanced approach to this debt crisis.

John Boehner gambled on the American peoples future for an ideological farce. Because make no mistake about it. It is a farce to think that this debt crisis can be solved without a combination of taxes and spending cuts. It is inconceivable that all republicans want to see the elderly, poor and infirm suffering needlessly.

I can just imagine the strength of a political commercial that has a solemn person speaking into the camera and saying. "I could not stand by and let our country decimate the weakest amongst us. That is not what America stands for. Rugged individualism is one thing, but human decency means more. The economy is stronger now because of the votes we made. And the individuals with hopes and dreams can still succeed beyond their wildest dreams in America. We are a strong country that truly cares about all our citizens..." Ad infinitum.

And... it could even sound honest... of course that is if the politician was not a parasitic narcissist.

Who would not want to vote for a fiscally conservative humanist with an actual heart and soul?  I would... too bad Boneher is not cut from that cloth, or is too politically inept to see the value in the appearance of being such a politician. The polarization he has fostered in the house has proven that he is not a leader worthy of the position he now holds.

It is time to make sure he can not hold America hostage for the benefit of a minority of ultra conservative congressmen. 60 / 435 = 13.79% It's been a while... but 13, even 15% is not even close to a majority. And in America, Majority Rules.

Make the Tea Party Irrelevant!

Make the Tea Party Irrelevant!

With 435 members of congress, it should be easier to ignore the Tea Party Obstructionists and find a deal that can pass with bipartisan support. This whole "Appease the Tea Party" boondoggle is a blight on the American political landscape. Hit one down the middle. Get moderates on both sides to work together to take America out of these perilous economic straits.

It is time to give up on trying to satisfy the Tea Party. It is time to satisfy the needs of the American people. Get it together congress!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Republican Tea Party Destroys America

News at 11.

This Debt Limit Crisis situation is appalling. Who is Grover Norquist and why is a pledge to him more important than an Oath of Office? If we remove the Bush [temporary] Tax Cuts and cut defense spending we would be well on our way to creating more jobs through the ability to invest in America's Infrastructure.

Whoa... bold words you say? No? Lefty, commie, pinko?

I think not. Obviously this problem is predicated by a lack of common sense. When bills come due, sometimes you have to curtail your charitable giving. And make no mistake about it. The Bush Tax cuts are a gift. A huge gift that we can no longer afford. So while it is not a tax increase, it is a loss of a gift. So I say to those who would protest:

I am sorry kind person but I need the money to buy some medicine for my grandmother. I know she will die soon, but does that not entitle her to a little comfort and succor. I am sorry that you will not be able to buy that gold plated toilet seat with my tax cut gift, but grandma needs depends now. So, I need the money to take care of the ones who took care of me when I was a child.

I am sorry you can not afford to vacation in some exotic locale because I can no longer afford to starve my budget by giving my lunch money to you, but... Grandma does need to eat now and then. I'm not asking for much. I'm just asking to let the temporary Bush Tax Cuts expire so that I can use the money to buy grandma some 'ensure'.

You see, she can't eat solids as well as she used to, her health is failing, and her appetite wanes. So what I do is blend some fruits and an 'ensure' together so that she can get some nutrients into her body. Sure, you could probably spend that money in much better ways... Like investing in overseas production facilities that utilize slave like conditions to prosper you, but... I need to buy grandma some insulin.

You will be ok, right?

Just one extra home instead of two? Because medical bills are gonna force me to sell grandmas house to pay for her existence... So, you're ok with that, right?

If not? Well it's just too bad. I don't want to see my country abuse the Elderly, Infirm or Poor in order to continue ruinous tax policy that mostly benefits only 2% of our population. Greed is not Good. That was a movie. Very entertaining, but still just a movie. The real world just doesn't work that way. So, buck up little rich boy... we need the money to pay our bills.


Friday, July 22, 2011

What The ___!? Boehner is not fighting for jobs!

I just saw Boehner Thumping his throat on the congressional floor shouting that he is fighting for jobs. I am appalled, bewildered, and extremely disheartened. This person is in no way fighting for jobs. Cut, Cap, and Balance will put 700,000 actual people out of work in its first year!

The Republicans have lost all touch with reality! This indeed is a sad day in American history! And, if President Obama caves in on supporting our grandparents, mothers, and fathers? He does not deserve a second term. We should not ask the poor, the infirm, and the elderly to pay for the previous administrations unfunded tax cuts. The Democrats need to get out there and shout these heartless Republicans down.

We need to raise the arbitrary Debt Limit and repeal the Bush unfunded Tax Cuts! Period. No cuts to Social Security, No cuts to Medicare, and No cuts to Medicaid!

What is wrong with these heartless and greedy Republicans!?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Did Obama just Punk the tea Party?

It looks to me like an extremely intelligent man out maneuvered a group of extremely ideological children. Obama spanked the republicans into a corner because they chose to threaten Americans for the benefit of... what again?

Was Eric Cantor really fighting for corporate jet tax breaks over our mothers, fathers, and grandparents? Unless he ditches his Tea Party Anchor, he will never be speaker of the house. Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan have disrespected The American President, The American People, and The American Psyche.

I'm surprised they are not asking for tax breaks for BP.

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's not "Tax The Rich" : It is, 'We scratched your back, ya mind not peeling the flesh off ours?'

Our economy and country grew strong and very well when the upper tax brackets were much higher. Not until the onslaught of 'trickle down' economics were completely unleashed upon us while coinciding with major kinetic military engagements... really? They used to be called wars. But I will endeavor to not digress.

I am not saying "Tax The Rich" but, the upper income brackets can adsorb the hit better and with less living standard reduction than the middle class. Wanna fix Social Security and Medicare? Remove the 100k input limit. I know, it's 108k. Don't get all persnickety.

Whenever I see these republican lap dogs say "Job Creator" I immediately think "Wealth Hoarders".  And I also think "wow, this tool is just sucking up for a big campaign contribution." "Job Creators"? Really? How many years of this have we seen and experienced?

In all this hysteria of the debt limit, budget crisis, "jobs, jobs, jobs" talk... neither side is doing anything to create jobs. Our infrastructure is deteriorating daily and a lot of jobs could be created by repairing our streets, freeways, bridges and the basic structures of our interstate commerce.

We the American People just got done bailing out the Banking Industry and Wall Street. The Oil Companies are making record profits. And all these billionaires and millionaires really need to give back to the people who make their luxuries so possible.

 It's not "Tax The Rich" : It is,
 'We scratched your back, ya mind not peeling the flesh off of ours?'

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Would Jesus Vote For?

Just out of curiosity...

How many people think Jesus would vote to shut down government services that many people rely upon in order to give away tax breaks to the wealthy.


I mean... The GOP, Republicans, Democrats, Elephants, Jackasses, Right Wing, Left Wing, Conservatives, Liberals, Anyone really... Even Atheists have heard of Jesus. And, the dude got one hell of a press kit going for him. What? 2000 years and he is still in the buzz. Almost... Yeah... hourly, or better yet, minute to minute. He always has someone somewhere singing his praise, right?

I only ask because a good majority of congress and the senate [lowercase naming intentional] proclaim to be God Fearing Christians, right? I mean... we haven't elected any admitted Satanists... have we? I'm sure there's a couple of Atheists and some Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists... etc., but no admitted Satanists. Near as I can figure, 85% of the senate and 86% of the congress are Christian.

Or are they? Because if you say you're a Christian and don't act it, are you really a christian? Or are you... yeah... Anti-Christian. Maybe there are some Satanists up there in Washington.

Do you think anyone who votes to favor the rich at the expense of the poor and the middle class is a good christian? How do the rich get more sympathy from John Andrew Boehner than say... *75% of the voting public? Because who do you think is using the airports, buses, trains, freeways, and roads every day to get back and forth to work? 50%? 

Wait! The poor don't go to work. Unless they make the federal minimum wage. Who is the poor? Well the 46 million people out of work might need some help... but pffft, thats only 9%, right? Screw them... 


You mean Jesus would not begrudge a family who's income is devoured by rent or mortgage a little assistance with some food? 

Yeah... but you can't tell me Jesus would want these same ne'er-do-well's to have health care right? Didn't Jesus banish lepers? Oh, no... wait... he washed their feet and cared for them. Damn. That's more math.


Well, uhm... the numbers don't really add up here. What if it was only 10 million people?

Right? We can blow them off. Besides, they're probably too hungry to vote. And, I hate math.

So really... 


{hmmm, maybe I should sell bumperstickers}

*[that's an ass number derived from reading that only 25% of household income in the US is over 80k.... so I figure 75% of us are not what anyone would consider 'rich'. Sure, it's more than past the middle in "middle class" but you don't want to get all socialist here. Obviously the poor choose to be poor. The middle choose to suck at the tit of their corporate overlords, and well hell! Corporate overlords need a buffer zone so they don't have to interact too much with the great unwashed masses. So, I guess that's what Congress and the Senate is for, right? I mean... they all make over $100k per annum.]  

  What do you think?