Friday, July 29, 2011

218 - 210 Passage of The Boehner Boondoggle

So, apparently, we only need 8 republicans to vote in a reasonable manner to raise the debt limit, protect social security, and put forth a modest tax increase. Now that Boehner has  moved this piece of legislative dross to the Senate, hopefully they will erase every word but the bill number and put forward a balanced solution to this economic quagmire.

Please don't blink now Mr. President!

This is the moment that precipitates the solution. I envision that we could get 50-60 republicans to do the right thing for the American People. Could. But definitely we could find 8! 8 republicans. 8 members not willing to sell out the American people. Can we do that? I hope we can in the next 72 hours.

The best of this situation would be to see at least 300 votes for a balanced approach... but it would be good enough to just find 8 republican congress members to vote with their heart instead of their... I don't know... What are the republicans voting with?

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  1. The senate should have changed Boehner's bill into Reid's bill.