Friday, July 15, 2011

It's not "Tax The Rich" : It is, 'We scratched your back, ya mind not peeling the flesh off ours?'

Our economy and country grew strong and very well when the upper tax brackets were much higher. Not until the onslaught of 'trickle down' economics were completely unleashed upon us while coinciding with major kinetic military engagements... really? They used to be called wars. But I will endeavor to not digress.

I am not saying "Tax The Rich" but, the upper income brackets can adsorb the hit better and with less living standard reduction than the middle class. Wanna fix Social Security and Medicare? Remove the 100k input limit. I know, it's 108k. Don't get all persnickety.

Whenever I see these republican lap dogs say "Job Creator" I immediately think "Wealth Hoarders".  And I also think "wow, this tool is just sucking up for a big campaign contribution." "Job Creators"? Really? How many years of this have we seen and experienced?

In all this hysteria of the debt limit, budget crisis, "jobs, jobs, jobs" talk... neither side is doing anything to create jobs. Our infrastructure is deteriorating daily and a lot of jobs could be created by repairing our streets, freeways, bridges and the basic structures of our interstate commerce.

We the American People just got done bailing out the Banking Industry and Wall Street. The Oil Companies are making record profits. And all these billionaires and millionaires really need to give back to the people who make their luxuries so possible.

 It's not "Tax The Rich" : It is,
 'We scratched your back, ya mind not peeling the flesh off of ours?'

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