Sunday, July 31, 2011

Protect Women :: Vote Democrat!

First, as an independent voter, I choose the lesser of two evils in most elections. However, the right wing fanatics have hijacked the Republican Party, and it is time to send moderate republicans a stark message: "You will lose your job if you attack women!"

Example: Planned Parenthood! I suggest you use your favorite search engine and place the following into the search box: Republicans attack Planned Parenthood.


You will have reading materials for days. Sort the results by date and go back 10 pages. There are pages upon pages of stories about how republicans were so upset that Planned Parenthood spends any money at all on abortion that they actually had a Senator lie on the Senate Floor. Search for Senator Kyl and amongst the first few results you will find this phrase: "Not Intended To Be Factual Statement".

That is in reference to Senator Kyl's statement that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. The reality? 3%. Do the math and you will immediately notice that 97% of what Planned Parenthood does is beneficial to all. There is Health Screening for potential medical problems, STD prevention, Pregnancy Prevention... I wish a couple women would post some of the reasons they have used Planned Parenthood for...

But who wants to admit health issues or sexual preventative medicine in this day an age? I mean it is only the 21st Century, right? Are we going to have to wait another 500 years before we can openly talk about women's health issues without pejorative labels being spewed?

The Republican Party today is not the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln. The only power we as people have is the vote. Please. You can vote Republican in the next election cycle if you choose, or this one as well [it is after all, your choice]. But at some point, we as citizens need to vote to protect what is right. And what the Republicans are doing right now, Is Not Right!

Please re post this somewhere, anywhere. Ridicule it or support it, it doesn't really matter. We as a nation need to actually open a dialogue and hopefully repudiate the Republican Assault on Women. From Representative Allen West to Senator Jon Kyl, we need to let them know that what they are doing will not be accepted! Vote them out of office if they do not get the message. Unfortunately, it seems as if all they listen to is their wallets.


  1. I am just sick of what they are doing to woman's rights. We must stand together and fight this with all are might. I'm a Senior now but I have daughters and a granddaughter and the fight must go on.

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  3. The Republicans have Declared War on the American Economy, Women, The Middle Class, and The Poor! From Allen West to Jon Kyl, the Republican Party has become a party of liars and ideologues.

    Please vote these Bozo's out of office.