Friday, July 22, 2011

What The ___!? Boehner is not fighting for jobs!

I just saw Boehner Thumping his throat on the congressional floor shouting that he is fighting for jobs. I am appalled, bewildered, and extremely disheartened. This person is in no way fighting for jobs. Cut, Cap, and Balance will put 700,000 actual people out of work in its first year!

The Republicans have lost all touch with reality! This indeed is a sad day in American history! And, if President Obama caves in on supporting our grandparents, mothers, and fathers? He does not deserve a second term. We should not ask the poor, the infirm, and the elderly to pay for the previous administrations unfunded tax cuts. The Democrats need to get out there and shout these heartless Republicans down.

We need to raise the arbitrary Debt Limit and repeal the Bush unfunded Tax Cuts! Period. No cuts to Social Security, No cuts to Medicare, and No cuts to Medicaid!

What is wrong with these heartless and greedy Republicans!?

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