Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Republicans declared WAR on US!

The damage has been done... it was made to be seen as being done by the hands of the "Tea Party Terrorists". But the reality is, the "Tea Party Terrorists" were used by the Republicans to Declare WAR on U.S. working class families. The Republicans declared WAR on US!

Any one of one hundred Republicans could have stepped up at any moment and said: NO! But none of them did. They egged on their "Tea Party Terrorists" with devilish grins and back room high fives.

This episode of government dysfunctionality shines a glaring light on the Republicans party and their desire to make President Obama a one term president. The President of The United States is a black man and the "Tea Party Terrorists" and racist Republicans will do whatever they can to see to it that he does not succeed.
The only problem is, they brought checkers to a chess game. The old school Republicans are wincing now because they know they let the "Tea Party Terrorists" control this debate and it will blow up in their face. The Republicans will lose Congress.

Joe Walsh, the deadbeat dad, needs to be one of the first to go. The House will be easy. Two years. 2012. America will vote most of the "Tea Party Terrorists" out of office.

The Senate is more difficult because of the 6 year term and American Adult ADD short term memory. Luckily Kyl is not running again. He is the vile and despicable one. I can not believe a US Senator got on the Senate Floor and railed against Planned Parenthood while saying that 90% of what they do is abortion. Then, the chickenhawks office said: "That was not intended to be a Factual Statement". Then why say it? He said it to lie to the American People in the war on women and the working class that the Republicans have declared on US!

Vote The Bums Out!

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  1. For instance... Here's the video clip of Pat Buchanan using first the brier patch comment to reference his state of mind NOT being in the boxing metaphor arena but probably more in the Br'er Rabbit / Uncle Remus state of mind, and then he calls President Obama a boy... really?
    An old white republican guy calling a black man a boy?