Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank You Wisconsin! And Thank You To All Progressive Women Everywhere!

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Thank You Wisconsin! And thank you to all progressive women everywhere.  Oh... and can you help us out of this mess?

Because as I stand here slack jawed and staring at my TV, I am dumbfounded by the cruelty of the republican party and specifically; The "Tea Party Terrorists". The past years assault on women's rights, the elderly, our children... and the infirm? Really? Picking on the sick and tired among us? How cold can this country get?

Wisconsin... I never knew. So many thousands of people standing out in the bitter cold have been an inspiration. It gives me hope that a new page is turning in our history. We The People, certainly need a win. And how fitting would it be to see it come from our mothers, sisters, and grandmothers? Progressive women need to once again teach their children what it means to be nice. And, what it means to protect our future.

And would one of you kind yet ferocious women please shut Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh up? Please... I know, it is tangential to the Wisconsin fight, but my god, why do we need to hear his protestations, and fake concern for his children and grandchildren? We need the women to stand strong in Wisconsin and tell the Joe Walsh's of that state, in that uniquely feminine way: "How Dare You?" With just enough derision in your voice to let them know they have stepped over the line in their quest to root for those who have exalted the almighty dollar to the rarefied coffers of the ultra rich.

But mostly, no matter what happens, Thank You Wisconsin Women for teaching us once again what it means to be Human and how to fight peacefully for our future.

You're Awesome!

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