Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Hope Mitt Romney Does Not Get Elected As President Of The United States.

One can only judge a man by his words and deeds. It is apparent that Mitt Romney’s words and deeds are not what are best for The United States Of America.

“Corporations are people, my friend.”(Mitt Romney)

This statement strikes me as a form of Psychopathy. I’ve never personally known a person who has chased someone down, had them held, and then cut their hair with scissors. I have known some marines who ran with knives. And, I have actually run a short distance with scissors. But have never witnessed the cruelty that Mitt Romney is purported to inflict upon a classmate. It shows a distinct lack of empathy. It is incomprehensible that someone would so carelessly put someone in danger just for laughs. Or what, discrimination based on orientation?

Who could believe that corporations are people? Only a psychopath could believe this. Can a corporation stub its toe? No, and not only can corporations not stub a toe; they also can’t feel the pain that throbs through the foot and into a brain.  Can a corporation miss a loved one? No, a corporation cannot love. Can they feel the pain of longing that at times strikes into their core for the one that got away? No, corporations can’t even get married. Can a corporation cry?

Can a corporation be imprisoned for a crime? No, as a matter of fact, I do believe they are a legal entity that separates their human owners from liability. If corporations are people, my friend; then those who own corporations should be prosecuted for violating the laws against slavery. If owning people is against the law then corporations cannot be people, my friend.

“I like being able to fire people”(Mitt Romney)

Really? No one I know has ever said this or insinuated that this was a truism for them. Most supervisors truly dislike the prospect of firing someone. It means stripping them of their primary survival tool. It strips bare a person and makes them vulnerable. It is the epitome of emasculating a man. As for a woman; I do not have that perspective. But I imagine that women cherish the independence and survivability that is afforded by meaningful employment in just the same way as men.

It is incomprehensible that anyone, excepting the dysfunctional, would like firing people. What supervisor would enjoy firing someone and then go through the process of rehiring and retraining a new employee? Hiring replacements does not make things easier for supervisors. It cost time and money to train new hires.

Most supervisors I know use rationalizations to remove themselves from the process by saying something like “They fired themselves.” Liking the act of firing people is not a general sentiment that is found in caring humans. Some individuals might innervate a person to the point that they hope they do something ignorant enough to justify firing them. But, it is more likely a personal conflict that brings a person to that kind of animosity. For the most part, I see supervisors shake their head and do what needs to be done when someone has to be fired. It is almost never a joyful occasion.

“I should tell my story, I’m also unemployed.”(Mitt Romney)

It’s not the same in any way, shape, or form. Mitt Romney cannot comprehend the pain of true unemployment. This statement puts him in the ‘Alien’ category. Most unemployed people would be overjoyed to be making $2,473/hr. while not working. That is $59,346.50 in a day while being unemployed. Could you be OK for $50,000 per day?  For Mitt Romney to equate the largess of his ‘unemployment’ with the real suffering of the unemployed in America is a clear disassociation from the human condition. This man has no idea what people are suffering from. He is condescending and a bit frightening in his inability to understand the pain of others. Mitt Romney is not going to The Presidency with Americans in mind. It is a narcissistic lark for him. He is not interviewing for a job and trying to secure employment. He is looking for a trophy on his mantle.

It is this mantelpiece that should scare people. What price will America pay? This man was a pioneer of outsourcing. He made millions laying people off and saddling corporations with enormous amounts of debt in order to extract from that debt a heavy management fee for him and his partners. What kind of leveraged buyout will Mr. Romney do for America?

This man touts his business resume as a reason for people to vote for him. His experience is in extracting wealth. Who will get the wealth that he extracts from America? Will it be the American Workers or the Elite Investors he is plying for campaign contributions? Does his past performance say that he will invest in our future, or does it say that he will make sure America turns a profit for his investors? I think it will be the latter.

I do not think America can afford Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States.


  1. Oblaba? Is that a pun? Oh, I see what you did. You switched letters in his name to indicate a disinterest in what he has to say. Very clever; for a five year old.

    But hey, thanks for sharing.

  2. "I Left Bain in 1999" = "I am not a crook"

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