Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New American Independent

07/29/2012 EDIT: This is a post I recently made on a discussion about Mitt Romney over at Politico:

Bwah ha ha ha! Thank You Kevin Schmelzlen! Imagine my horror when I double checked your assertion and found out that The American Independent Party is not for independents. WOW! Color me chagrined. I have rectified that and will be mailing out my non party designation Monday. I assumed American Independent would be for independents. Thank you very much for pointing out my error. I think I need a shower... LOL!

 But to your other assertion; I have no malice in my heart towards Christians. I believe a lot, if not most, or all of what Jesus preached. I do not know of anything that he spoke of that I would disagree with. What I have a problem with is the hypocrisy of politicians who use a supposed faith in Jesus to get elected and then turn around and vote the exact opposite way in which a living Christ would most likely vote.

And if you read my blog carefully you will note the many times I have prefaced things with disclaimers of absolute knowledge. I barely know enough to pick the right political party. But I do know enough to know a rat when I see one. It's all about perspective.

YIKES! I cannot believe how naive I was to not research what the American Independent Party was really about. I just assumed it was for independents. As I can't find an official Independent Party, I will have to go with undeclared... How embarrassing... D'OH!

07/29/2012 /END EDIT

The confession of a former republican. Please forgive me.

I had been registered as a Republican for 20+ years. When I voted in the recent primary I cringed when the guy checking me in said in a loud voice to the person that was preparing the ballots: "He needs a Republican ballot." I felt shame. I was holding on to my republican voter card to make sure I could vote for some sort of reasonableness. But on that day, I felt shame in being called a republican.

I got a form after voting and switched my party affiliation to American Independent  [changed to undeclared I had no Idea The American Independent Party was what it is... blech. I cannot believe I made such a foolish mistake.] that same day. I've received my new voter card and, I have ID. No one can challenge my right to vote. And, I do not see myself ever voting for anyone in the republican party again.

The only Republican I will ever vote for is one who knows the value of compromise and can stand up against the hateful elements within the party. What the Republicans are saying and doing has disgusted me. If they keep lurching to the right with hate and vitriol, I cannot imagine ever voting for them again.

I have been calling myself an Independent for a couple years now. The last couple years has made my decision to abandon the Republican Party a relief. I am embarrassed to have ever been associated with the Republican Party. The Grand Old Party is a new breed of contempt that I cannot support. It seems almost palpable. When I read the comment sections of many articles I am mesmerized by the hate, bigotry, and racism that is filling up the page.

I remember wanting to believe in the Compassionate Conservative, but I always had a weary eye out for the Christian Coalition. They have now been reborn once again as the teavangelicals. The religiosity that has been bleeding into republican politics over the last couple decades is disconcerting to say the least. Our forefathers fought and died for religious freedom. I will not stand by and watch the dream of a free America be decimated by religious zealots of any faith.

It is apparent in their deeds that many politicians who campaign as Christians are only paying lip service to the words. When I see politicians speak of protecting the wealthy at the expense of the poor, I know in my heart that they do not believe in the God of which they say they do. The duplicity of their actions and behavior is disgusting.

Those Republicans who profess to want smaller government and rail against 'sharia law' are usually the first to vote for their own christian brand of sharia. It is pathetic. the blowhards of small government are the ones who are producing more laws governing sex, morals, and faith than any we've seen before.

How does your small government fit into female bodies? I am a man, and it makes me recoil in disgust when I see what other men are trying to do to the women of our country. I learned about forced inter-uterine vaginal ultra sound probes this past year. Republicans lost me a long time ago. But legislating the rape of a woman is absolutely reprehensible. I am disgusted by what the Republican Party has become...

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When will we call #colorfullanguage what it really is?


  1. A perfect example of good men standing by and making excuses is when Tim Pawlenty says: "Governor Sununu has a knack for colorful language". This was in response to Governor Sununu's eloquence recently: "I wish this president would learn to be an American."

    I wish Republicans would stop calling our President UN-American.

  2. Your obama calls people felons. He is the one who benefited in corrupt real estate deal from felon tony rezko.

  3. I can't stand you obamaites.

    Obama said Clinton was responsible for bhutto's death.

    Enough is enough.

    You obamaites spread out the most disgusting garbage and talk about the big bad republicans.

  4. He is not my obama; he is OUR President. You epitomize what is wrong with the Republican Party today.

  5. Obama is the first black president. His election has set a president that any one can become president. There are no more barrares to overcome. Politics are politics. I didn't vote for obama, but he is our president and i am glad that he did get elected. I am not real fond of either canadate right now. I hope that if obama gets reelected that he will stand up for our rights and not let them be trampled on like congress has done. I think that outsourcinig any jobs from america is wrong. lets get these companys back in america, which has the higest corporate tax rate, and get america back to work. Their are a lot of issues that need to be addressed by both sides. It seems like the politions want to yell back and forth and not do anything. I wish that we had leadership that was proactive, instead of being reactive. oh by the way i am a republican. that doesn't mean that i can't vote for the other guy. I wish it wasn't a lesser of two evils choice.

  6. I just hope the word "compromise" can be taken off the dirty word list.