Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why does ProFlowers hate women?

[EDIT 03-04-2012] Proflowers has decided to drop Rush Limbaugh as an advertising outlet saying they do not support his views. [End EDIT]

I can't believe ProFlowers is still not dropping Rush Limbaugh. I usually send gifts throughout the year to members of my family who live in other states. I will not spend another penny with ProFlowers or any of their affiliates. And if they don't change course quickly, I may never use them again... EVER!

Carbonite as well. Cloud computing and online storage is the future. But that future will never include any services from Carbonite for me. And, as an IT kinda guy, I will dissuade everyone I can of using them.

For now, my focus is on finding a good replacement for ProFlowers. I can use Amazon or individual retailer gift cards. I am truly offended by the slow action of ProFlowers. If they do not make a public statement soon, I will probably never use them again even if they do drop Rush Limbaugh like a hot rock. I use ProFlowers and some of their affiliates to send gifts to Women. There is no way I could use their service if they support Rush Limbaugh.

Goodbye Proflowers. Your financial support of Rush Limbaugh is reprehensible.

@whttevrr #boycottrush #waronwomen

Also, does anyone know if AOL advertises with his show?

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