Friday, December 23, 2011

The Swing Of The Pendulum

Life is cyclic in nature; so too is the swing of the pendulum.  America has felt the sting of a pendulum at its conservative right apogee.  We’ve had tax cuts for the wealthy, unfunded wars, and a coldness rarely seen in America.  The recent republican presidents have pushed taxes to the lowest they have been in fifty years. When were taxes this low before? When were they the highest?

In recent history we have to go back to the early 1920’s to see taxes as low as they are today. That should be shockingly prophetic to any who care not to return to the times of The Great Depression. It is horrific to think that so many would vote to neuter the federal budget enough to bring us to the brink of such an occurrence. And sadly enough, we are living through such a time. We are at a precipice. There are many paths from here. We as a country should tread carefully and remember what the past has taught us. Greed is not good. Compassion is just.

The highest taxes Americans have seen before were during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The top tax bracket was over 90%! And yet; the economy, middle class, and stock market boomed. What was it that made those tax rates acceptable? Could it have been a World War? The specter of The Great depression probably had something to do with it as well. In the end it was Americans working together to make sure that our debts were paid and services were available for all Americans. What are we coming out of right now?

We are coming out of one horrific war and are still embroiled in another. The richest of the rich amongst us are making money by the barrel full. And the weakest amongst us are being disparaged, cajoled, and depleted; financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It just is not right. It is time to bring the pendulum back. It is time to make life better for all. There does not need to be recriminations. The Villagers do not need to pick up their pitch forks and storm the castles of America. We just need to remember as a whole that America is the greatest democracy our planet has ever seen; and it needs to be funded.

Americans need to be compassionate. It is in the long term survivability interests of our country to be the best that humanity can offer to the world. Recently it was reported that charitable contributions worldwide are up. And America is in the lead for giving. Not governmental assistance, but individual charity. When we hurt; we give.

With hate and venom some members of the political right have spit their disrespect towards our President. It is time to stop this enmity. It is time to work towards moving that Pendulum to the left. We need the charity of spirit in politics. Those that believe in the hard line stance that we are being pummeled with daily need to be thanked for reminding us, as Americans, what we do not want to be. And then us Americans need to push these partisans to the side so that we may make room to embrace those who wish to turn America into the dream our founding fathers meant it to be. We as a people need to remake the American Dream. We need to make the American Dream available to all Americans.

Let us all work together to remove the hate and prejudice from the American politic and work together to let all Americans work for the American Dream.

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