Friday, December 16, 2011

An Open Letter To Ohio

Dear Ohio,

The country needs your help. I know you like Mr. Boehner. But, instead of sacrificing the country for big oil, could you please vote this guy out of office? I know we’re asking a lot. There is pride in holding the speaker-ship for your state. I get that. But just this once, could you find someone else from your great state to represent 'your' interests. I guarantee the Keystone Pipeline is not in the best interests of Ohio. You can even vote for a Republican, Libertarian, or whatever.

Just... please send a message to congress that we want compromise that benefits the country as a whole; not just the top 1%. If you take out Mr. Boehner I swear I will root for your state sport franchises. Bengals (NFL), Reds (MLB), Browns (NFL), Cavaliers (NBA), Indians (MLB), Rockers (WNBA), Blue Jackets (NHL), Crew (MLS) will forever be known as American teams; for they will always be known as the teams that are from the state that saved America. Please?

America just cannot survive the tangerine man any longer. Taking Mr. Boehner out would send a very clear message to ALL of Congress. Compromise or go away. Please Ohio, can you do this for America? We will be forever grateful and forever in debt to you.

Thank you for your consideration,

Whatever Works.

03/'08/2012 PS. He just tweeted this:

What an unbelievable lie. The President is personally lobbying for higher gas prices? Sending jobs to China? How can he possibly believe this... America needs Mr. Boehner to be gone.


  1. Dont be to hard on him,he might start crying....sometimes you just have to wonder how in the F***!! did this man get this high in office.Mitch Mcconell is another lunitic!!!

  2. You're right... I should not disdain his Alcoholic emotionalism. But he does need help. He needs some time off to take care of the issues that cause him to cry so much.