Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney Ryan Road to Ruin

I've paid into Social Security/Medicare/FICA for 20+ years... been working since my teens. I didn't expect much to be left after the Baby Boomers got done with Social Security. But I figured they couldn't mess things up too bad.

Sure, they were the cool kids who partied with me because I was precocious; but I never thought they were all that bright. I was hoping they would not take away medicare too. The fact that it is someone from the X generation doing this to us is astonishing and unsurprising. They are on the cusp of being told they are wonderful but did not get stars for wiping their buts or graduate from every grade school class they ever matriculated through.

Ryan is looking for his gold star for doing poo poo in the toilet.

Saying I'm pissed is an understatement. If Ryan gets in do I get all my FICA contributions back? No... this putz just leaves everyone under 55 hanging out to dry. We won't have Social security or Medicare.

And... The most disgusting thing about Paul Ryan is he is planning to dismantle the very thing that made his success possible. He got Social Security benefits and rode them into Congress. Now he wants to make sure no one else can be helped by the very same programs he used to succeed.

What a disingenuous and pathetic hypocrite.
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  1. Exactly, my friend. That's the part of this whole thing that Ryan never seems to add into his calculations (or worse, maybe he doesn't care). Those of us who've been in the workplace for 20 to thirty years --dutifully paying into the system as we were asked to-- are now just supposed to walk away with nothing? I think not.

  2. Contribute now to help Rob Zerban defeat Paul Ryan!

  3. Who is this mentor of Ryan's Ayn Rand ? He stated that he demanded his entire staff to read her books.

  4. All I know about Ayn Rand is that she was an atheist and championed self reliance while cashing Social Security checks.

    Just another hypocrite.

  5. Mistake on tonight's s show. "Crazy Linda Mcmahon who was trying to run for the Senate.." Crazy Linda is running again..for Lieberman's seat.